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 wiltshire road

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PostSubject: wiltshire road   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:28 am

A friend of mine has been telling me supposed stories regarding they used to hang people on Wiltshire Road , anyone know about the history of this road and if this story is true or just another urban legend

Also is there anything available online about the history of Gipsyville over the past 100 years or so , can never seem to find anything!!! pale
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PostSubject: Wiltshire Road and others   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:56 am

According to Kelly’s Hull map 1899 the Hull boundary was not far from Brighton Street, Hessle Road.
Look at the Hull Bombing Map and you can see on Map 13 the Priory Yard sidings and above empty fields. The County Streets, Monmouth, Huntingdon, Hereford etc are there.
So Wiltshire Road must be post war and never had housing.
Interesting to see the difference on Google with all new buildings and Bling where the sidings are derelict on the satellite view.
Does not look like much history for Gipsyville on web.

If anyone interested in Hull history by street names look into, say, all the streets down New Bridge Road, Belmont, Estcourt, Rensburg etc. A big South Africa connection on all those streets. All built about 1912 onwards.
Similar just a bit further up above Southcoates Lane are all the engineers.
Wikipedia gives you the start.
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PostSubject: Re: wiltshire road   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:26 am

Gipsyville is the group of several streets off to the left heading out of our fair City after the Hessle Road Railway Fly-over. The Council Estate was completed decades later, just before the outbreak of WWII and, in the absence of a given name, has also been referred to as Gipsyville.

The name evolved thus: There was a factory in the area making Lead Black and such. The old way was to "Black" the likes of the York Ranges that were used for everything in the kitchen, heating the house, boiling the water via a back-boiler, boiling kettles, drying the clothes and bedding and also heating the Flat Irons for same. They also had side ovens. There are similar ranges still made. I have no idea whether they are still leaded, though I very much doubt it, because Lead is such dreadful stuff.

The factory owner invited his wife to name his new Lead Black product and using the "logic" of their day she is believed to have uttered the following,"Why dearest, the Gipsies are all black folk, so why not name our black lead, Gipsy Black!" This is a matter of legend, but methinks it to be plausible, though not wonderfully nice for our Gipsy folk. The enterprising fellow built housing nearby for his workers in the black stuff and again asked his goodly wife, "What shall we call these 'ere new streets?" To which she is believed to have responded, "Gipsyville!" Now the folk of those little streets are trying to shed the name, which is much loathed by many as deeply racist at best and are calling them, as a group, the "Shires" for, following along after Wiltshire Road, they are named Devon, Gloucester etc.
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PostSubject: Re: wiltshire road   

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wiltshire road
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